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 Dream Farm Commons, a small exhibition and project space located in a store front at 15th and Webster in Downtown Oakland, has been a major creative endeavor for Ann Schnake since 2018 as founder, lead artist, curator, cook and ringleader of collective projects: we make exhibitions, along with pop ups, dinners, workshops, performances, social practice projects, reading groups and mini residencies. 

ArtsChange was another major work, founded by Schnake in a county health Richmond, California. in 1996. For fifteen years Schnake and hundreds of Bay Area artists, health care workers and patients built exhibitions, installations, dialogues, community meals and performative works, specifically designed for this community. 


PERFORMANCE Many of my works incorporate performance and video of ten in collaboration with video artists Robert Gomez Hernandez  and improvisational dancers Carmen Serber and Marlet Martinez and our ongoing collective Mobile InTent


DINNERS Many of my works involve dinners; some are discourse. some are performance,  some are service ; all have good food and  forms of sculpture, physical and social 

A few images and links: 
Odd Sunday Dinners

Spoons: who gets what


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