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Spoons: who gets what at the Survival Cafe


Spoons have been a recurrent theme in the work of Ann Schnake: oversized, mouse sized, spoons of wood, glass, wool, bacon; symbols of distribution, symbols of generosity, or of  greed; and even spoons to eat with. 


Survival Cafe, was a temporary project by Ann Schnake,  Lauren Elder, Amanda Eicher, and  Ayhan Aidan. The cafe in a tent was  a part of the SEIU action at the Lab, supporting organizing of adjunt worksers and fast food workers.-- and another site and action of MobileInTent


Ann Schnake rough cut 200 wooden spoons that were given to audience,  to be sanded with nail files collectively, rough wood made into smooth spoons, a satsifying hand to mouth activity. The finishing of spoons suggested post apocalyptic haptic tool for survival-- and more immediately to be used for eating black beans. 

Milk Bar, Oakland CA, April 2015

Spoons: who gets what

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