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Micky Me

The Mickies appeared out of the clay of the earth some years ago as characters in Subterranean Borders, a collective body of work by MobileInTent.  Our  group of six artists began in Tapalpa, Mexico and traveled to Dream Farm Commons in 2019. As an examination of colonialism and the culture of extraction, we searched beneath the surface: through dream sequences and time travel of poetics and materialism investigating extraction of minerals, water, and labor; white supremacist underpinnings for border claims; colonialism’s reach into our bodies and dreams; the deep rumblings of counter forces and possibility. 


In this body of work AnnSchnake and the Mickies 

went to an illogical extreme: extracting teeth for pearls

and making bigger and bigger necklaces as symbols of extraction, ecologic crisis and how distribution, complicity, whiteness, the ravenous appetites of an ever-expanding economy, and the crudeness of capital is operative in our current economy, bodies and lives.

A necklace of teeth and pearls ultimately achieved a 30 foot diameter. Lamb chops, teeth, pearls, Mickies, Ann herself  all became symbols of excess...

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