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Burnt Sugar

A series of works in cast sugar, including hair, plaster, digital print on cloth, sugar figures.  light fixtures

2010 - 13


A knife is cast in sugar; light fixtures with idyllic imagery melting; unstable sugar girl dolls: a domestic product boiled down to a sharp amber. The sugar is labor intensive, boiled to high temperatures and poured like molten and glistening glass ---but it is temporary, and so beautiful, until it melts


 One group of these objects were part of a larger body of work engaged with the story of Las Soldaderas of the Mexican Revolution, women described alternatively as combatants, prostitutes, laundresses, novas or girlfriends, and wives. This work was imbued with the history of sugar in the Americas, molten sugar as weapon or gesture.


Another series: Chandeliers and Dreams, So Beautiful Until It Melts:   Micky Mouse heads, dolls, cellphones, TV remotes and iPads were cast in sugar and in rubber, wrapped with copper wire imbedded in chandeliers and grouped together in clusters. The rubber lasts longer and is tricky to differentiate from the sugar, suggesting a messy world where material and immaterial, digitally mediated devices and imagery, their associated detritus,  toxic and sweet  all intertwine,

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