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MobileIntent: Teetering

Amidst Failing Ecological and Economic Systems
The Speculative Logic of Vignettes in Tents and Trees....
shifting perception: a range of effects of obscure small acts paired with beauty, generosity and shifting boundaries

MobileInTent is an  ongoing  creative production of Ann Schnake, and other artists who push boundaries between art and ideas.


The first series of exhibitions of MobileInTent in 2013 traversed the Bay Area with installations, performance and discourse focused on rising waters, future visioning and gentle erosion of collective dissociation from the natural world. Ann Schnake was builder, sculptor, cook, ringleader,  and bought in some 30 artists including dancers Carmen Serber and Bianca Cabrera  and Robert Gomez Hernandez -- lasting collaborations that have extende over into next iterations of MobileIntent

Other pieces included Security Force by Cassie Thornton, Disassociative Openings: Video Projections by Ana Labastida. Philosophical discourse with Ken Worthy, Water City Film shorts by Kim Anno, Small Actions on Big Stilts by Carolina CoiCoi Duncan 

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