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California College of the Arts,
May  2012

A series of sculptural works using wood, hair, caul fat, rubber tubing and fabric, are carved and stitched, slow means of production in fast moving world.   Spare body parts slip between tool, prosthetic, totem  and relic; they  were initially made to be visually active but static: suggestive of action but immobile; accessible imagery but held in gallery distance. They have now been called into physical action in performances throughout the Bay Area, Germany, Mexico. and other locations.  They  create recurrent  visual  and performative vignettes and morph between a nature of sculptural object and use as accessible props or tools,  always both being and concerned  with fragile bodies  in failing economic and ecologic times. These tensions beween existing as sculptural object and accessible tool or prop, between visual art and performance, installation and theater are ongoing. 

Re-Imagine, Re-Tool, Change Parts

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