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This is an an installation using found and discarded local wood, or reused materials.


As a wood carver, I  have been thinking a lot about trees, sustainability, where wood is sourced from, and how lumberyards and deforestation operate. I am thinking about trees as live bodies, and the limbs of trees as tender extensions. In my recurrent  work  of carving  and molding  spoons and limbs, cutting down trees to mill lumber for me to make limbs is  not sitting well with me. It is slower to source wood with relationality; I like this push to be in conversation with trees and my materials and  to feel the bodies of things I am also experimenting with abstract forms abstract forms as the divisions of space, where pieces grow into each other and emerge out of walls. And of course  baby socks as tragic adornments for wood—there are a few scattered around the space.


Raw Limbs and other  current experiments

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