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Marlet Alejandra Martinez in collaboration with

Ann Schnake and Ingrid Torres Espinoza,

This body of work of sculpture and performance celebrating women and non-binary bodily power and caring for others as fonts of feminist energetic force has included  workshops, interviews, and healing sessions with a wide swath of women who have recently given birth, with a goal of calling forth raw energy and empowerment; This rich terrain of community investigation has informed the sculptural work and the physical performance, culminating in a video installation of post birthing women, an hour long solo dance performance by Marlet Martinez; sculptural elements of a 10 foot placenta, umbilical cord like octopus arms, a vernix caseosa type mantel,  giant balls,  made from  raw animal parts of pig intestine, omentum, cloth, natural dyes and rope.  It is our plan to, slowly, over the next two-three years, build  a multi-site series of works that are raw in energy, deeply bodily and feminist, sculptura, performative and dialogical to travel between Oakland, CA and Guadaljara, Jalisco. We are particularly interested in creating affirmation and support for the poetics and wild dreams of women and others who operate on the periphery of capital, creating a work that affirms a woman's right to choose and, at the same time, upends that which holds us back to that which drives us forward. 





Marlet Torres Martínez - NIDAS (Versión Corta) - OneDrive.jpeg

Above images from workshops with women who have given birth recently enacting their experiences, describing the force and physical demands of pregnancy, birth and mothering

 To right: dance premier Teatro Alarife Martin CasillasGuadalajara, Jalisco, MexicoSpring 2024


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mar dancing w placenta.jpg
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mar w octopus_edited.jpg

Above : Construction and experimentation sculptural works, Marlet Alejandra Martinez, Ann Schnake, Ingrid Torres Espinoza,

Casa deLas Normalistas, Guadalajara,  February 2024

Left  and below: Marlet Martinez premier of dance performance

Premier Teatro Alarife Martin Casillas

Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

Spring 2024

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