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MobileIntent: Alta California & Parts Close By

Re-mapping forms, rivers , trees

In Fall of 2014 a group of artists from Oakland, Berlin and Guadalajara began travel, pushing against walls and borders from the permeable walls of a tent.

      MobileInTent is a project of Ann Schnake and and other artists who push boundaries between art and ideas

.The project began in 2012 as 




      performance site   

                meeting place 

                              research platform




In Fall 2014 MobileInTent's core group (Schnake, Robert Gomez Hernadez and Carmen Serber) were joined by  Ursula Marie Berzborn of  Grotest Maru theater company of Berlin,  and Victor Figueroa Infante and Marlet Torres Martínez of la compañía A L A R I E TE,  of Guadalajara.


They  traveled from Oakland, to Tijuana, Santa Fe, Northern New Mexico and back again, creating activated installations and performative vignettes, a collision of performance art, wooden appendages, border scenes, conversations and accordion music.  MobileInTent presented work in over 20 sites from art institute, farm, Indian reservation, border, migrant service center, barrio, to gallery.


The dust and experience of each site informed the next and re-emerges in the wooden objects, costumes, performance, actions and words. A final piece in Mexico was at at the border wall in Tijuana, serving Thanksgiving dinner to 100 people on the beach, including people crossing the border that night.  


The group  came to see the border as symbols of distribution, and that cultivating other ideas of distribution, statehood and a borderless imaginary might be a first step in both changing perception and reality.   This work is continued in the next version of MobileInTent spring 2016

Click the tent image above to watch the project video.

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